What Happens During the Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) Procedure?

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(sparkling songs) >> > > Narrator: This animation shows the endoscopic sleeve
gastroplasty treatment. The endoscope is inserted
through the mouth right into the stomach. The objective of this treatment
is to decrease the stomach volume by approximately 70%, comparable to a surgical sleeve gastrectomy. The front, as well as back walls

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of the tummy, are noted to help overview the positioning of the stitches. The endoscopic suturing system is attached to the endoscope as well as utilized to take complete density attacks with the wall surface of the tummy. We perform a running stitch pattern that connects the front and also
back walls of the stomach. Then the stitches are tightened, bringing the walls with each other.
This pattern is repeated along the tummy to reduce the quantity and size of the stomach. (bubbly songs).