Weight Loss Surgery

What are the Qualifications and Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

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Hello. While weight loss surgery may not be for everyone, it can provide hope to individuals who have been unsuccessful in the past with traditional weight loss methods. To qualify for bariatric surgery, individuals must meet strict physical and psychological criteria before becoming a candidate. Learn more from one of our bariatric surgeons.So who is that that qualifies for weight loss surgery?


Well that’s typically here on the end: the class 2 and class 3, or morbidly obese patients. Those patients are going to stand to benefit the most based on the risks of surgery; however, the bariatric surgery benefits are profound. Over 96% of the health problems related to obesity are completely resolved or reversed, usually within days to months after surgery.Again, there’s huge physical and emotional benefits.Looking at some of these disease processes that we help improve: depression – there’s actually a 47% reduction in that.

There can be a 46% improvement in migraine headaches. 25 to 66% control diabetes. 42 to 66% resolution of high blood pressure. There’s a disease of the liver that is is tied to obesity called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and there’s a 37% resolution of that. Arthritis and joint pain: 41% resolution.

Stress incontinence: 50% resolution. There’s a 39% improvement in asthma. Sleep apnea: 45 to 76% resolution. So again, significant improvements that we can make for patients with various comorbidities related to obesity.In addition to physical and psychological requirements, some insurance companies have specific weight loss requirements prior to surgery.

This insurance video will provide a brief overview of the basic criteria you must meet to qualify for surgery..